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Q2 2024

Mirage Media Group is set to launch the new series, InSight. An action adventure series starring an engaging, fun, and creative group of experienced, well-traveled international explorers who will immerse themselves in iconic lifestyles, and cultural experiences.

The InSight series is designed to showcase and feature top-tier brands and destinations within the automotive, travel, luxury, and lifestyle sectors. It aims to provide a comprehensive and immersive exploration of these premium offerings, inviting audiences to get a closer look at the best  experiences, products, and places.

Whether it's the latest innovations in automotive technology, the most sought-after travel destinations, luxurious lifestyle products, or high-end experiences, the InSight series seeks to capture and present the essence of excellence.

Integrated Marketing & Advertising

Television Broadcast

Digital Multi-Viewer &

Social Media Coverage

Any Device Anywhere

Multiple Languages

10 Episodes X 60 Minutes

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