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Mirage Media Group is set to produce and broadcast the Life series starring film, sport, social, television and music stars.

The Life series is crafted to delve into the personal narratives, unique lifestyles, and exceptional talents of influential stars. This exploration unfolds in the intimate backdrop of their hometowns and captures the essence of their journeys while traveling on the road.


The series aims to provide viewers with an up-close and personal perspective, offering glimpses into the daily lives, passions, and stories of these remarkable individuals. Whether at home or on the go, the Life series seeks to create a narrative that goes beyond the public personas, revealing the authentic and inspiring aspects of these influential figures.


Viewers can expect a captivating blend of storytelling that showcases these stars' multifaceted lives and experiences in a way that is authentic and relatable..

Integrated Marketing & Advertising

Television Broadcast

Digital Multi-Viewer &

Social Media Coverage

Any Device Anywhere

Multiple Languages

10 Episodes X 30 Minutes

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