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SERIES 1 & 2


Venturing beyond the surface, Made immerses viewers in a detailed examination of the world's leading corporations.  It goes beyond the mere production of products and services, aiming to unravel the intricate processes that bring them to life. The series peels back the layers to reveal the stories of these companies through a lens focused on innovation, craftsmanship, and creativity.

Yet, the narrative of Made extends beyond the boardrooms and assembly lines, focusing on the end users—the people whose lives are touched and transformed by these products and services on a daily basis. By dissecting the intricate journey from conception to consumption, the series seeks to answer the fundamental question: how do these creations simplify and enrich our lives?

Made goes beyond traditional business and manufacturing concepts through engaging storytelling and insightful exploration. It's not just about the products on the shelf; it's about the impact they have, the stories they tell, and the meaningful ways they become part of our daily routines and experiences. Made invites audiences to witness the convergence of innovation, utility, and human connection that characterises the world's most successful companies and the products that shape our lives.

Integrated Marketing & Advertising

Television Broadcast

Digital Multi-Viewer &

Social Media Coverage

Any Device Anywhere

Multiple Languages

20 Episodes X 45 Minutes

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